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Find a Writer Who’ll Keep Your Audience Engaged

Are you looking for a freelance blog writer or a website content writer? Perhaps you need an article for your print publication, a professional or company profile, or a ghostwriter for your book. If you need to find a writer, I’ll not only meet your expectations – I’ll work my hardest to exceed them.

I’m a published author, freelance writer, blogger, award-winning research writer, and former columnist. My latest book, Collector’s Guide to Easton Press Books: A Compendium, just debuted November 2017. I’ve also written a children’s book, Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery? In addition to guest blogging, I have my own blog, Modern FamilyStyle. My articles, content, and editorials have appeared in more than 250 magazines, newspapers, and websites. I’ve also done a variety of business writing including SEO content and worked as a newspaper journalist.

I’m a versatile non-fiction writer with a broad range of interests. I write light articles on family fun, relationships, and home decorating. I also write serious, well-researched articles and content on health, mental health, safety issues, parenting, social problems, and more. Not to mention, I’ve passionately penned editorials on social and political issues. Learn more about my writing background by visiting my portfolio.

So what criteria are you looking for in a writer? If you need someone who’s reliable, easy to work with, and insightful, that’s me. I also have the research skills and creativity to handle a broad range of non-fiction assignments. Whatever the project, I write to engage readers. I’ll tailor it to your particular audience whether it be serious, thoughtful, lively, entertaining, or sarcastic.

If you need SEO website content, I can deliver copy that’s Google friendly and customized for your target keywords. At the same time, the keywords will appear naturally within content that’s of high value to your customers. I can help you with original articles and content, blogging, writing a book or ebook, ghostwriting, a business or professional profile, white papers, and more. Visit my writing services page to see how I can help. Then get a free, no obligation quote for your nonfiction writing project or needs.

A Few Samples of My Published Articles

Find a Writer Who Meets Your Needs

Freelance writers have a broad range of experience, skill levels, and writing styles. So keep this in mind in your search for writing services. A writer’s work should leave a positive impression of you or your company. A writer should also be committed to meeting deadlines. Be sure to find a writer with excellent research skills unless the writer is already an expert on the topic. The writer you’re working with should also be inquisitive about you or your business, the topic or your product, and your readers and customers.

Skill Level

Public perception of you or your brand is important. So a skilled writer is a must. Less skilled writers are usually evident in several ways. There may be spelling and grammatical errors, or what appears to be broken English. Also, have you ever read something that doesn’t flow? It seems choppy or abrupt? This happens when sentences are awkwardly constructed or transition words aren’t used appropriately or enough.

A skilled writer will know how to organize effectively. There are many ways to organize a piece of writing depending on its purpose. But the writing will be ineffective if you find a writer organizes the wrong way or doesn’t organize at all. When this happens, readers might find it confusing and lose interest altogether.

Writing Style

Style, diction, tone, and voice are all elements of writing. A writer should take the purpose and audience into account. Some writers have a limited range of skill with these elements. Other writers are quite versatile and can write for a broad range of audiences and occasions. So be sure to find a writer who’s either versatile or a good fit for your audience and purpose.


A freelance writer‘s experience consists of both the quantity as well as the types of writing services performed. A freelance blog writer has a different type of writing experience than a book author. A website content writer has different skills than a non-profit marketing writer. Still, it’s quite possible to find a writer with a broad range of writing experiences or one without experience in a particular type of writing who’s nonetheless highly skilled and capable of performing your writing project. This is more likely if the freelance writer has a strong writing history with various types of writing projects under the belt.


Discuss deadlines when working with a writer. A target date for completion plus several deadlines in between is recommended if the project is large, such as a book. A single deadline for smaller projects is usually sufficient. But without a deadline, some writers never complete a project. Some writers claim to work best under pressure when a deadline is looming. Still, other writers find it difficult to get motivated to write at all. If you’re working with a writer, establish a deadline. Then you’ll know if and when it’s time to find a freelance writer who’s more reliable.

Research Skills

Great freelance writers can typically write on nearly any topic, regardless of familiarity or expertise. Such writers have the curiosity and resourcefulness to delve into a topic and learn all they can about it. A writer should also know when and how to cite sources to protect against copyright infringement. So be sure to find a writer with good research skills, unless the writer is already an expert on the topic to be assigned.


More Samples of My Published Work


What You Need to Know About Copyright

Copyright is the legal rights to an original work such as writing, music, or film. It’s typically held by the originator of the work (i.e. the writer). However, copyright is sometimes transferred from the originator to another party such as the hirer of the assignment. Therefore, copyright should be discussed up front to ensure all parties are on the same page. In some cases, it’s common for the hirer to request exclusive legal rights to the work. Such examples include writing projects for search engine optimization (SEO), business or professional profiles, or sales and non-profit letters or marketing. On the other hand, writers usually retain the rights for articles that appear in print magazines or newspapers. This way the writer can offer the articles as reprints or rewrites. There are exceptions whatever the form of writing, so come to an agreement up front.

Copyright infringement is the illegal use of a complete work or even portion owned by another party. There’s some gray area in regards to what’s legal and illegal. But in most cases, it’s fairly black and white. If an exact sentence, or more, is lifted from someone’s work, it must be set off in quotations. The author and publication must also be cited. If a few sentences have been paraphrased, it also needs to be cited. In addition, only a very small percentage of another person’s work should be quoted or paraphrased. On the other hand, no citation may be required if the information is considered common knowledge. This is the area that’s a little gray. But an ethical and knowledgeable writer will generally know and abide by fair use laws.

Plagiarism in the Information Age

The internet has become a vast vehicle for plagiarism. It’s easy for anyone to go to a web page, copy the text, and post it to their own website. Some fake writers are also known to paste it into a Word document, then sell it to an unsuspecting client. One form of copyright infringement is where black hat SEO companies take over the website content of an expired domain. Then they use the content and inject backlinks to their clients’ websites. Be careful not to let your domain expire or lapse. This problem can be a nightmare to rectify.

Another common form of plagiarism proliferating the world wide web is stealing someone else’s work then revising or editing it. Fake writers often found on the big freelance writing websites such as constant content, among others, fit this bill. Don’t get me wrong though. There are many legitimate writers on these websites as well. But if the price sounds too good to be true, be suspicious. Those charging absurdly low fees, such as $10 for a 1,000-word custom article (which equates to roughly $1.50 per hour), are sometimes culprits.

Not only can this get the individual who plagiarized into trouble. If a hirer uses this piece of writing, the legal owner of the copyrighted text can demand that the use of it cease. The legal copyright owner can also report to the domain registry and web hosting company in which the content appears. Then the site might be taken down entirely. The copyright owner could also file a lawsuit for damages or recovery of the profits resulting from the work.

A good tool to use is QueText or another free plagiarism checker. Make sure the work you receive hasn’t been plagiarized. This is also useful to make sure the work hasn’t been previously published (unless you purchased reprint rights).

Fees and Payment for Writing Services

Freelance writers typically charge by the project, an hourly rate, or a rate per word or page. A writer usually charges according to experience and skill level. The size and type of writing assignment also affect the cost. Hourly rates range from $10 to $100. A couple writing services, such as white papers, can demand even much higher rates. Inexperienced or less skillful writers are typically at the lower end of the scale. Fees range from 5 cents to $1.00 per word when charging by the word. Again, some experts might charge more. But most intermediate to expert writers charge from 25 cents to $1.00 per word.

Payment terms usually vary depending on the assignment. Magazines and newspapers typically pay upon publication. Though some pay on acceptance. But there are no hard and fast rules when writers work with other types of clients. You’ll likely find a writer expects at least 25% down to get started. The balance is due at intervals or upon completion. But many writers require full payment in advance for smaller projects.

Your freelance writer should spell out costs and payment terms in the writer’s contract. The writer will likely then invoice you for the writing services to be performed.



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