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While I’m always interested in taking on new writing assignments, I also offer articles for reprint for parenting, women’s interest, lifestyle, and general interest publications. This is an economical option that works particularly well for regional or small press magazines as well as websites that don’t require custom or SEO content. As an added service, I provide suggestions with each article on how it can be easily localized. I also suggest a couple pull quotes to save you time. So be sure to review my list of:

For family and parenting magazines and websites, my parenting article reprints cover a variety of topics. These include family fun, educational activities, holidays and observances, sportsmanship, child safety, health, effective discipline, and much more. To be sure my articles are relevant to today’s families, I update them regularly. For an example of one of my parenting article reprints, turn to page 14 and read “Taking the Lead in Sportsmanship.”

Likewise, I also regularly update my lifestyle and women’s interest article reprints. My selection of articles for reprint for female audiences covers such topics as home, family, relationships, health, safety, holidays and observances, and more. These articles typically range from 450 to 2,000 words. If the length is an issue, many of my longer pieces are designed so they can be easily shortened as needed to fit your space. See an example of one of my magazine reprints, The Buying Power of Women“. Just turn to page 27 in the digital magazine.

Review My Articles for Reprint

My article reprints are broken into two lists, parenting or women’s and lifestyle, though many articles are interchangeable. So be sure to check both lists. Once you’ve reviewed the lists, just email me a list of the articles you’d like to review. I promise, there’s never an obligation to publish.