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Whether you’re looking for guest posts or a regular blogger, you can count on my blog writing service to provide engaging, relevant top quality posts. Likewise with my social media writing service.

As you’ll see from my publication history, I’ve written on a broad range of topics. Just a few of the areas I can assist with include lifestyle topics, such as home, relationships, holiday themes, and parenting. I also write on health, mental health and serious mental illness, real estate, business, and much more. In addition, I write on a broad range of political and social issues from a liberal perspective. Whatever your theme, I’ll write in a voice and style suited to your audience.

For an example of my blogging, check out my new blog, Engage and Compel. Also, read one of my guest blog posts on

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Blog Writing Service


What You Need in a Blog Writing Service

When looking for a blog writer for hire, there are several qualities you should seek. First and foremost, a blogger should have strong writing skills. This includes, in particular, spelling, grammar, and flow. This ensures readers aren’t focused on the idea they’re reading. Instead, they’re engaged with the topic. In the end,  they’re more likely to comment or share the post—one of your primary goals.

Another aspect of keeping readers engaged is providing timely, valuable, and interesting material. So a blog writer for hire should also have excellent research skills. This way your blogger will bring more knowledge and understanding to your topics. By the way, did I mention, I’m an award winning research writer?

Another important skill a blog writing service or social media writing service should possess is writing for search engine optimization (SEO). As mentioned, your first goal is to bring traffic to your posts. In turn, this will bring readers closer to your ultimate goal—repeat visitors who become paying customers. SEO writing is one of my skills. So you can count on my blog and social media posts to not only be engaging and relevant but Google friendly and optimized to rank higher in search engines and on social media sites.

Reliability is also crucial. You want to grow a large readership of your blog that multiplies. But holding onto your readership requires regular posts your readers can rely on. Lest they’ll give up coming back and forget you exist. So make sure the blog writing service you hire will consistently meet your deadlines.


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