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As a freelance business writer, I’ve handled a variety of writing projects including news releases, company and professional profiles, SEO content writing, internet research, copywriting, marketing kit material, and more. This, combined with my extensive background writing for magazines and newspapers, provides me the experience and skill to handle numerous professional business writing services. Be sure to read further down the page for more details on how I can help you. Whatever your business writing needs, be sure to request your free, no-obligation quote. My goal is to offer you the best business writing services you can find anywhere.

I also encourage you to check out my blog, Engage and Compelwhich I write to assist businesses that are not yet ready to take the leap of hiring out their business writing needs. It’s packed with information on how to write effectively. When you subscribe at the bottom of the page, you’ll also receive my FREE ‘Write to Engage’ Cheat Sheet.

My Business Writing Services

  • News releases
  • Company and professional profiles
  • Newsletters
  • Book or ebook writing
  • Copywriting
  • Copyediting
  • Ghostwriting
  • White papers
  • Internet research
  • SEO content writing
  • More


Business writing services


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News Releases

You’re getting ready to celebrate your grand opening. Perhaps your company has received an award or developed a new product. There are countless reasons to send out a news release. Other reasons include company expansion, moving, patents and trademarks, to announce a new top level employee, to comment on industry news, and much more.  This is good news for you because news releases equate to free advertising. As a freelance business writer, I can help you generate ideas and write your news releases for you.


Company and Professional Profiles

Professionals, as well as small businesses and corporations, benefit from a well-written profile. It’s an excellent way to showcase your company or your own professional background. Your profile also can be used on the ‘home’ or ‘about’ page of your website and in social media. In addition, profiles can be used in company brochures and other print or digital marketing materials. As a professional business writer, I’ll see to it your profile is an accurate and top notch reflection of you or your company.



If you want to put out a newsletter to your employees or customers, my business writing services will get it done. I can also help you develop ideas for the content of the newsletter. If it’s going out to employees, you might want to include a spotlight on an employee, detail an upcoming employee event, or a company-wide contest. Other content might include new policies, company statistics, or changes in management. If you’re putting together a newsletter for customers, you’ll want to provide plenty of information related your industry that’s of value to your readers. You can also provide industry related news, highlight new products or services, and share customer testimonials. Whatever you want, I can produce it.


Book or eBook Writing

There are many reasons a company might need a book written. Perhaps a how-to manual, company history, or book about the industry. As a freelance business writer and published author, I can write your book or assist you in writing it. I’ll begin by creating an outline for your review. Once the outline has been approved, I’ll begin my research, and write a draft. You’ll have the opportunity to review my draft to ensure all content has been covered and in the style and voice you expect. Then I’ll proceed with revision and final editing and deliver the final draft.


Copywriting & Copyediting

Whether you need help with your print or digital advertising and marketing, I’ll provide compelling copy that grabs your target market’s interest. I can write the material for your ads, white papers, brochures, blog, website, billboards, catalogs, direct mail letters, emails, case studies, and more. I also offer to copyediting if you’ve written your own material. My business writing services, particularly copywriting and copyediting, can help increase your top line.


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Best Business Writing Services | Freelance Business Writer for Hire
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Kimberly Blaker is an experienced business writer. She offers articles, content, copywriting, copyediting, press releases, newsletters, white papers, blog posts, SEO content, and much more.