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So what exactly is a freelance ghost writer? A ghostwriter is a professional writer who writes your article or book and allows you to take all the credit. Your ghostwriter will collect information from you about the project, do outside research, and then write an outline, rough draft, and final draft. When complete, your ghostwriter will turn it over to you, and you’ll retain full ownership.

If the project is a book, your ghostwriter can also write your book proposal for literary agents and book publishers as well as your marketing materials. When the book’s published, it’ll be in your name with no mention of your ghostwriter, unless you choose to credit the ghostwriter. Sometimes clients give the writer a byline because ghostwriters usually offer a better rate if they’re given a byline such as “with Kimberly Blaker” following the client’s name. But that’s completely up to you.

So if you need to find a book writer, contact me for your free, no obligation quote. I’m also happy to discuss the process with you and answer your questions.

Who Uses a Freelance Ghost Writer?

Ghostwriting is a very common practice among professionals and experts today for various reasons. Some

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professionals simply don’t have time to dedicate to such an enormous undertaking. Others, while very knowledgeable about their field, don’t possess the writing skills. Yet they want the prestige of being an author.

There are many other reasons people use ghostwriters as well. Professionals may want a book to help with their branding.

A high-profile person might be looking for a lucrative product (a book).

CEOs sometimes want to share their company’s history and its rise to success.

Politicians or advocates have important issues they want to bring to light.

Still, some people seeking a book writer are not necessarily professionals. They simply want their personal story to be told.

Whatever the reason, ghostwriting services will provide you the opportunity to be a published author and get your message out when it otherwise may not be possible.





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