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As a freelance parenting writer, my articles and content have appeared in more than 200 parenting and women’s magazines and websites over the past 18 years. My parenting and family articles include light topics on fun or educational activities for children and families as well as family and child-centered holiday themes. I also cover serious issues such as child health and safety, raising responsible kids, and more.

As a freelance parenting writer, my primary objective is to provide parents the necessary tools to raise healthy, happy, responsible kids. As a mom myself, I certainly understand the challenges of being a parent. Whether it’s keeping kids safe from online predators or managing the rising financial costs of raising a family, there are so many issues parents must contend with today. Of course, there are ample rewards to being a parent, too. Watching a child reach a milestone or enjoying a family weekend camping trip is worth the struggles that accompany child rearing. Whatever the topic, I give parents the information they want and need to make the most of these formative years – from the day their child is born right on through their teen years.

As a family writer, I’d like to help with your writing needs. In addition to writing articles, I offer blogging, SEO content writing, newsletters, and even ghostwriting books.

You can learn more about my publication history. Then review samples of my work.

Whatever your writing needs, I’ll provide you a free, no obligation quote. So be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily find me the next time you’re in need of a freelance parenting writer.


A Freelance Parenting Writer Can Help Increase Your Traffic

As a parenting content writer, I can help increase your web traffic with my experience in search engine optimization (SEO) content writing or blog posts. Combined with my extensive background as a freelance parenting writer, I’ll have your website Google friendly in no time. This is really important because valuable content is now one of Google’s biggest search engine ranking factors. But more important, your visitors will be greeted with valuable and engaging content. This will bring more traffic and keep traffic on your website longer. It’ll also leave your customers or readers eagerly awaiting more of your great content turning them into repeat visitors and clients.

Whether you have an educational or informational site, online store, or offer family services, as a freelance parenting writer, I can help. If you’ve already decided on specific topics, I’m happy to write about them. If you haven’t quite figured it out, I can also assist in generating ideas. I’ll gather information about your school, company, publication, products or services, and readers. Then, as a parenting content writer, I’ll brainstorm and come up with just the right topics to attract and engage your audience. I can also help you determine the best keywords for SEO. So let me provide you a free, no obligation quote for your SEO content writing needs.

freelance parenting writer on family hiking adventures

Take Our Daughters to Work Day by Kimberly Blaker


Parenting Articles for Reprint

If you have a small budget or need an article in a pinch, I have a large selection of parenting articles available for reprint. So be sure to checkout my database.



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