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by Kimberly Blaker
Freelance Lifestyle Writer
Pocono Living, May/June 2017 (among others)


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Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day: Celebrations and Gifts She’ll Treasure


No influence is so powerful as that of the mother.” –Sarah Josepha Hale

The role of mothers in shaping their daughters’ and sons’ lives is unsurpassed. Mothers teach us to love, be strong, be confident, persist, live life to its fullest and be the best we can be.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. So, this year try one of these gift ideas for Mother’s Day from your heart and make it a special day she’ll treasure.

Mother’s Day Brunch – Serve your mother a scrumptious breakfast or take her out for Mother’s Day brunch. If you prepare it yourself, the following menu will be sure to please: fruit salad, juice, waffles or pancakes with her favorite blueberry or strawberry topping, Canadian bacon and fresh sausage, omelets or eggs Benedict, homemade hashbrowns, and coffee cake or Danishes. Also, don’t forget the fresh-cut flowers for the table centerpiece.

Say it with Music – Give a gift of music that speaks to the importance of mothers. Look for Songs Celebrating Mothers & Motherhood by Susan McKeown, Cathie Ryan, and Robin Spielberg, or other meaningful music for the occasion. Or shop your favorite music store for gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Spring Blooms – What better way to spend a spring day than together in your mother’s garden? Pickup her favorite annuals and perennials: begonias, petunias, violets, morning glories, poppies, marigolds, snapdragons, or mums. Then enjoy a relaxing day together planting and sprucing up her flower garden and catching up on old times.

Best gift ideas for mother's dayMother/Daughter Memories – Give your mother a keepsake that’ll be dear to her heart. Purchase Mothers & Daughters: A Record Book About Us to fill out and share with her. Or create your own memory book with a scrapbook or journal. Include photos and memories about special times the two of you have had together; the most important things you remember about your mother from your childhood; the ways in which she has inspired you; and the times you look forward to in the future.

The Main Event – Surprise your mother with tickets to an event she’s been dying to see: the ballet, a concert, play, or musical, the opera, a favorite sporting event, a comedy show, or dinner theatre. Be sure to tell her in advance that you have something planned (but not what), so she’ll be all yours for the day.



A Train Excursion – Spring is the perfect time to tour the countryside. Take a train ride with your mother and enjoy the vivid colors of spring, blue skies, beautiful blossoms, and other scenic sights.

Family Portrait – If your family is like most, you’re well overdue for an updated family portrait. What better gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Schedule to have your portrait taken at a studio or hire a photographer for a photo shoot in the park. Coordinate with family members in advance on the formality and color scheme so outfits don’t clash. Inform your mother how to dress for her special day, but keep it a surprise, and don’t disclose your plans.

The Power of Poetry – You don’t need to be a poet to write a special verse for your mother. In your poem, share what it was like growing up with her, how she influenced your life, or tell her just what she means to you. Then print it on stationary, matte and frame it.

A Little Pampering – Mothers spend many years pampering their children giving bubble baths, washing hair, and caring for them when they’re ill. Give your mother a special treat, a gift certificate to be pampered at the spa where she can enjoy a Swedish massage, hair design, a sea spa manicure and pedicure, or soothing facial.



Weekend Getaway – Put together a weekend package designed especially for your mother. Choose a city that offers great shopping, art museums and cultural centers, or even a quaint historic town with neat shops, cafes, and parks. Leave the dates for the getaway open so she can make the trip at her convenience, or so the two of you can make plans together.

Keep it Simple – Plan a relaxing day together enjoying the outdoors and head to a nearby park where you can meander along nature trails, take a scenic pedal, and reminisce.

Especially for Mothers – Select from one of many poetry books for mothers and about mothers that express what you’d like her to know. Try one of the following gift ideas for Mother’s Day:


Kimberly Blaker is a freelance women’s interest writer.



Best Gift Ideas for Mother's Day: Celebrations and Gifts She’ll Treasure
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Best Gift Ideas for Mother's Day: Celebrations and Gifts She’ll Treasure
Mother’s Day is just around the corner. So, this year give her the gift of your heart and time and make it a special day she'll treasure.
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Pocono Living Magazine

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