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Are you looking to change public opinion? As a liberal freelance writer on politics and social issues, I argue hot topics with sound facts and logic. In writing on political and social issues, my goal is to get the message across, change readers’ minds, and drive people to action.

I write on a broad range of topics including the president and politicians, environmental concerns, equal rights, reproductive rights, American justice, church and state, poverty and homelessness, social programs, drug addiction, and policy related to serious mental illness, to name a few.

Whether you’re looking for a liberal freelance writer for an article or content, commentary, blog, or book, I’ll engage your readers on today’s top issues. So be sure to request your free, no-obligation quote.

My Publication History as a Liberal Freelance Writer

I’m editor and co-author of The Fundamentals of Extremism: The Christian Right in America, 2003, which received rave reviews by world-renowned authorities and best-selling authors. John Shelby Spong and Richard Dawkins are among those celebrities. My book has also been translated into Arabic, excerpted in national publications, used in college courses, and referenced in numerous books and articles.

As a liberal freelance writer, I’ve also written numerous commentaries and articles. I’ve covered issues concerning church and state, religious extremism, women’s rights, gay rights, civil rights, serious mental illness, and more. My work has appeared in the following:

Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent
Belleville View
Bridgton Blues, News and Beyond (Regular column)
Buckeye Planet
Calaveras Enterprise
Camas-Washougal Post-Record
Chanhassen Villager (Regular column)
Charlotte Parent
Colorado Women’s News
Counterpunch (National)
Country Kids
The Courier
Daily Star-Journal
Detroit Free Press (Major daily newspaper)
Detroit News (Major daily newspaper)
East Bay Voice (Regular column)
Emmons County Record
The Enterprise
Florence News Journal
Georgia Family Magazine
Grace Online
Grand Rapids Herald Review
The Homer Index
The Humanist (International)
Huron River Weekly (Reporter on local politics)
Impact Press
Knight-Ridder/Tribune wire
Las Vegas Tribune
Liberty Magazine (National)
Los Angeles Daily Journal
Mesa Independent
The Monitor & Mid-Valley Town Crier
Monroe Evening News
Morning Sun
The Nome Nugget
North Jersey
Northern Express Weekly
Playgirl (National)
Plymouth Community Crier
Potter Leader Enterprise
Prairie Pioneer
Queen Creek/San Tan Valley Independent
Review Magazine
Rochester Woman
Romulus News
San Antonio Express News
San Fernando Sun
San Francisco Examiner
Scottsdale Independent
South Florida Parenting
Speakout (Regular column)
The Star – Wisconsin
Sun Advocate
Susquehanna Valley Parent
The Tampa Record
Tidewater Parent
The Tombstone News
Toward Freedom  (International)
Twin City News
Washington Families
Washington Woman
White Mountain Independent
Wilmington Parent
The Woodlands Villager (Houston Chronicle)
Woodville Leader
Zengers Newsmagazine & Znet (Regular column)
Zenith Woman Magazine
The Zephyr

Liberal Freelance Writer on Politics | Social Issues Writer
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Liberal Freelance Writer on Politics | Social Issues Writer
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Kimberly Blaker, Telephone No.248-579-9630
Do you need a liberal freelance writer for political or social issues? I'll provide compelling logical and factual arguments that change readers' minds.