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As a freelance writer for women and lifestyle content writer, my articles have appeared in more than 250 print and digital magazines and websites. My articles and content for women and general audiences include light topics on fun dates, home decorating, and holiday themes. I also write on more serious topics including health and mental health, finances, relationships, safety, exposés, and more.

If you’re looking for a writer for women’s interest topics, I can help. I write articles, SEO content, copywriting, newsletters, blog posts, and ghost write and revise books.

You can review many of my published articles which are also available for reprint. Then check out my publication history.

Whatever your writing needs, be sure to request your free, no obligation quote. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can easily find me the next time you need a lifestyle content writer.


Lifestyle Content Writer Can Increase Your Traffic

As a lifestyle content writer, I can help increase your web traffic. I have experience in search engine optimization (SEO) content writing in addition to my background as a lifestyle writer. Valuable content is now one of the biggest search engine ranking factors. I’ll have your website content Google friendly in no time. At the same time, your visitors will be greeted with valuable and engaging information. This will keep them on your site longer and have them coming back again.

Whatever the products, service, or purpose of your website, just let me know the topic you want to cover. If you haven’t quite figured it out, I’ll help you generate ideas. As a freelance lifestyle writer, I can help you come up with topics to attract and engage your audience. I can also assist in determining the best keywords for SEO. So take a moment, and let me provide you a free, no obligation quote for your SEO content writing needs.




Best Lifestyle Content Writer | Writer for Women & General Audiences
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Best Lifestyle Content Writer | Writer for Women & General Audiences
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Kimberly Blaker, Telephone No.248-579-9630
Do you need high-quality content or articles, SEO copywriting, or blog posts? I'll provide compelling copy that keeps your audience engaged.