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As a freelance parenting writer and women’s lifestyle writer, my articles have appeared in nearly 200 magazines throughout the U.S. and in Canada.

My parenting and family articles include light topics on fun or educational activities for children and families. I also write on family and child-centered holiday themes. Finally, I cover serious issues such as child safety and raising responsible kids.

As a women’s lifestyle writer, I write articles on such topics as health and mental health, business and finance, relationships, home, and more.

If you’re looking for a freelance parenting writer or women’s lifestyle writer, I do write on assignment. So please request a free, no obligation quote.

I also have more than 80 parenting and family life articles available for reprint and women’s lifestyle articles available for reprint. Reprints are a great option if you’re in a pinch for time or have a small budget. 

To review samples of my published parenting or lifestyle writing, visit my syndicated parenting articles and lifestyle articles.

If you’d like to learn more about my writing services, check out my freelance parenting writer and freelance lifestyle writer pages.

Parenting & Women’s Lifestyle Writer Publication History

My articles have appeared in all of the following.

55 Plus
About Families
About Our Children
Aiken Woman Magazine
Ann Arbor Family Press
Ann Arbor Parent Magazine
Area Woman (MN)
Area Woman (ND)
Athens Parent Magazine
Atlanta Parent
Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine
Austin Family News Magazine
Austin Parent
B Magazine
Baltimore Magazine
Baltimore’s Child
Baton Rouge Parent
Bay Area Parent
Bermuda Parent
Big Apple Parent
Black Hills Parent
Boise Family
Boom! Magazine
Boomer Pet Magazine
Boston Parents Paper
Business Woman PA
Calgary’s Child
Carolina Family
Carolina Parent
Central Penn Parent
Charlotte Parent
Chattahoochee Valley Family
Cherokee Family
Child Guide
Cincinnati Family
Cincinnati Woman Magazine
Cleveland Family
Cleveland Parents
Colorado Family Resource
Colorado Women’s News
Columbus Parent
Community Newspaper
Complete Woman (national)
Connecticut Parent
Coulie Parenting Connection
Country Parent Magazine
County Kids
Dallas Child
Dallas Parent
Dane County Kids
Do South
East Tennessee Woman
Eastern Shore Parents
Edmonton Woman
Edmonton’s Child
Essex County Family
Families First Monthly
Family Life Magazine
Family Resource Guide
Family Time (IL)
Family Times (FL)
Family Times (WI)
Family Times News (MN)
Family Utah
Findley Area Family
Fit & Fun Suburban Magazine
Florida Parenting News
Flowertown Woman
Forsyth Family
Fort Lupton Press
Fort Smith Families
Fredericksburg Parent
Gainesville Family
Genessee Valley Parent
Georgia Family
Good Life Family
Great Lakes Family
Growing Up Chico
Growing Up in the Valley
Gulf Coast Woman Today
Gulf Coast Women’s News
Hartford County Kids
Health Journal, The
High Valley Parent
Home Times
Houston Family
Houston Woman
Idaho Family
In Good Health
Indy’s Child
Inland Empire Magazine
Island Family
Ithaca Child
Kansas City Parent
Kaua’i Family
Kentuckiana Family
Kids Life Magazine
Kids Pages
Kids VT
Lakeway Parent
Lexington Life
Listen Magazine
Local Parent
Long Island Woman
Low Country Parent
Mahoning Valley Parent
Memphis Parent
Mendo Lake Family Life
Metro Parent (WI)
Metro Parent Magazine (MI)
Metrokids Magazine
Michiana Family
Mid-Ohio Valley Parent
Middlesex County Family
Mom-to-Mom NWI
Montana Parent
Montana Senior News
Montana Woman
Monterey Bay Parent
Monterey County Family
Montgomery Parent
Montreal Family
Morris County Family
Nashville Parent
Neapolitan Family
Nevada Family
New Jersey LifeStyle
Nevada Woman
New Mexico Kids
New York Parenting
NJ County Family
North Florida Families
North Jersey Woman
North Shores Woman
North State Parent
Northern Nevada Family
Northwest Family Magazine
Northwest Woman
North State Parent
NW Baby and Child
Ohio Valley Parent Magazine
Omaha Family
On the Coast Magazine
On the Minds of Moms
Oregon Family
Osceola Woman
Our Kids Atlanta
Our Kids San Antonio
Palm Beach Parenting
Parent News
Parenting New Hampshire
Parenting Plus
Parents and Kids Magazine
Pennsylvania Parent
Piedmont Parent
Pittsburgh Parent
Pittsburgh Senior News
Pocono Family
Pocono Living
Portland Family
Progressive Woman
Proud Parenting
Purchase Area Family
Quincy Patriot Ledger
Roc Parent
Rochester Woman
Sacramento Sierra Parent
San Diego Family
Santa Barbara Family Life
Santa Barbara News
Schuylkill Living
She Rocs
Simply Hers
Sonoma Family Life
South Carolina Woman
South Florida Parent
Southern Maryland Woman
Space Coast Parent
Space Coast Woman
Spokane CDA Woman
Spokane Living
Staten Island Parent
Style Magazine
Suburban Focus (IL)
Suburban Parent Magazine
Susquehanna Valley Parent
SW Florida Parent and Child
Syracuse Parent
Tennessee Valley Parent
Texarkana Parent
The Village Family
The Woman Today
Think Newspaper
Tidewater Parent
Tidewater Woman
Today’s Charlotte Woman
Today’s Dallas Woman
Today’s Woman Journal
Toledo Area Parent
Union County Family
Upper Peninsula Woman
Valley Living
Ventura Family
Ventura Parent
Vermont Home Style
Village Family Service
Washington FAMILIES
Washington Family
Washington Woman
Washoe County Schools Family
West Little Rock Kids
Westchester Parent
Western New York Family
Western Pennsylvania Parent
Wichita Family
Wilmington Parent
Women of Upstate New York
Women’s Digest
Women’s Edition (NE)
Your Child Today
Zenith Woman

Believe it or not, despite this lengthy list, there are regional parenting and women’s magazines I can’t add to my list. Some work only with local writers. While others just don’t have it in their budget to pay writers. Still, as a parenting and women’s lifestyle writer, it’s been exciting watching this list grow over the years with publications that do pay for quality material.

Sadly, some of the publications on my list have closed their doors over the years. As a freelance parenting writer and women’s lifestyle writer, this is always disappointing. But most that were around when I started writing 18 years ago are still here today. Congratulations to those who weathered both a recession and industry changes in the new digital age! It’s a testament to the quality of material so many regional magazines offer their readership.

Anyways, thanks again for checking out my publication history. If you’re looking for a parenting or women’s lifestyle writer, don’t forget to request your free quote!

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