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by Kimberly Blaker
Freelance Lifestyle Writer
North State ParentMay 2016


14 Weekend Getaways for Parents and Couples to Reignite the Spark


Despite the joys and rewards of being a parent, the responsibility of raising kids often leaves parents with little time or energy to nurture their marriage. Not only is this unhealthy to your marriage, it can also affect the way you relate to your kids. Add to that kids grow up and bring to their own marriages what they witnessed growing up. So nurturing marriage is important for your whole family. A retreat from home and kids is a great way to re-ignite the spark with your man.

A weekend caregiver

Often, a big hindrance to parents getting away is finding suitable arrangements for the kids. Relatives are a great source. Even if they don’t live close by, it may be a feasible choice. If your parents or relatives live a distance away, discuss leaving the kids with them for a night or two the next time you visit. That’ll also benefit grandparents and grandchildren who don’t see each other often by providing them special time together.

Another possibility is to ask a friend or neighbor with kids similar in age to do an exchange for weekend getaways for parents. It might be just the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. Or talk with the parents of one of your child’s friends. Suggest planning future weekend sleepovers well in advance so each of you can make the most of your weekend of freedom.

If those options won’t work, consider a trustworthy young adult to spend the weekend at your home to care for your kids. You should offer a reasonable flat fee upfront for the weekend care to avoid misunderstandings.

Another option, offer your kids a fun-filled week or weekend away at summer camp. This can serve double duty. Look for a camp that suits your kids’ interests. Then make the most of their time away.


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Weekend getaways for parents and couples

Regardless of where you live, you can find plenty of escapes within a half day’s drive or less. Or consider hopping on a short flight for more choices. Get your wheels spinning with these ideas.

A Dude Ranch – Spend a weekend cowboy style at one of the many dude ranches offering accommodations around the country. Enjoy horseback riding, wagon rides, hiking, fishing, cowboy cookouts, dancing, relaxing in a hot tub, and plenty of western charm.

Golf Getaway – Choose from one of many weekend golf packages. or create your own by making accommodations near some of the courses you’ve been dying to play.

Bed and Breakfast – Find a romantic bed and breakfast in a quaint town with old-time charm. While you’re there, stroll through a historical neighborhood, window-shop, dine in local cafes, enjoy old-fashioned ice cream, take a riverfront walk, and visit local historical sites.

A Trip Down Memory Lane – Remember those carefree days before the kids came along? Make your reservation at a hotel in the area where you met. Then spend the weekend revisiting your past. Eat at the restaurant of your first date, visit parks you once enjoyed, or even reenact some of your favorite dates.




Lover’s Lane Delight – Make accommodations with an in-room Jacuzzi, then dedicate your first evening to a mini-shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood. Choose items for each other to try on to discover what your partner likes. Purchase something you each found appealing on the other. Then spend the weekend savoring each other, having breakfast in bed, and catching up on movies. Don’t forget to bring fragrant candles, a portable stereo, your favorite music, and fun stuff for your weekend.

A Weekend of Culture and Class – Select a top-notch hotel with fine dining and a luxurious room. Reserve tickets in advance to an area play, musical, or event. Be sure to bring along your best attire.

Mystery Weekend –Try out a mystery weekend adventure. Search online or call your local travel agent for upcoming mystery events. But be prepared. If you’re not the murderer, you could wind up the victim yourself.

Amusement Park Fun – Get in touch with your inner child. Make your reservation at an amusement park resort so you can take breaks and come and go as you please.

Music Lover’s Weekend – Buy concert tickets then plan a weekend of musical merriment. Reserve a room near the concert hall. Then catch a cab for a guaranteed designated driver.

Winter Resort – If you like the cold and snow, try a winter recreation resort. Then hit the slopes or cross-country trails, toboggan, or go ice skating. When you’re done, warm up with hot cocoa by a roasting fire.



Festival Fun – Contact your visitor’s bureau, chamber of commerce, or visit an online event directory to discover upcoming festivals, and book a reservation in the area. A wide variety of festivals make for fun weekend getaways for parents and couples.

weekend getaways for parents and couplesCamping and Canoeing – Enjoy a weekend of water fun, sunshine, and sleeping under the stars. Find a canoe rental facility that offers riverbank camping and overnight trips.

Second Honeymoon – Renew your vows, and take a second honeymoon. Write your own promise to recite to your partner. Each of you brings a gift of your appreciation for the other to serve as a future reminder of your renewed commitment to each other. Don’t forget the honeymoon suite.

Make it a surprise – Pull this off, and you’ll have your partner eating out of your hand. Concoct a story about going to dinner, to an out-of-town furniture store that you’ve been dying to visit, or whatever it takes to get your spouse on the road with you. When you reach your destination, act confused, and explain you got your directions wrong. Pull into a hotel parking lot (conveniently where you’ve already made reservations). Then say you’ll run in and ask for directions. After you’ve checked in, see how far you can drag your partner along before he discovers the surprise.



Tips for weekend getaways for parents and couples

Research and plan your weekend so it isn’t over before you get started.

Discuss your expectations with your partner beforehand so you don’t arrive with different ideas that’ll lead to disappointment. Come to a mutual agreement that meets both of your needs so you’ll both come home feeling renewed.

Discuss costs and spending in advance to avoid arguments that could ruin the weekend.

Leave your cell phone or pager at home to avoid unnecessary interruptions. Give the phone number of where you’ll be staying to the sitter. Remind the kids that it’s only for emergency calls.

Finally, keep in mind some things might not go as planned. Take it in stride, and be flexible because it’s just about renewal and each other. Follow these tips for fun romantic weekend getaways for parents and couples, and you’ll come home feeling renewed and anxious to plan your next romantic escape.


Kimberly Blaker is a freelance lifestyle and parenting writer.



Top 14 Weekend Getaways for Parents and Couples to Reignite the Spark
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Top 14 Weekend Getaways for Parents and Couples to Reignite the Spark
Nurturing your marriage is important for your whole family. A retreat from home and kids is a great way to re-ignite the spark. Check out these ideas.
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